New Astralis Seminar Committee Established: Innovate, Inspire, and Exchange

We are excited to announce the establishment of the new Astralis Seminar Committee, beginning in May 2024.

The Astralis Seminar is a virtual seminar series that offers a platform for staff at Astralis Nodes to learn about and discuss innovative technologies and engineering challenges and developments in optical instrumentation. This seminar series is an excellent opportunity to share knowledge and exchange ideas within our community.

In recent years, the Astralis Seminar has featured speakers from around the world, delivering captivating talks on various topics, including the latest technologies, new project management innovations, and cutting-edge advancements in astronomy.

The newly established Astralis Seminar Committee consists of:

Dr. Israel Vaughn from Astralis-ANU

Dr. Brent Miszalski from Astralis-AAO

Dr. Eckhart Spalding from Astralis-USyd

This committee brings diverse backgrounds to the seminar serials and will ensure they continue to inspire and provide valuable insights for our community.   

We are always eager to hear about the latest and greatest developments in your work. If you are interested in giving a talk to the Astralis Nodes, please contact Dr. Israel Vaughn.

Stay tuned for more opportunities to engage with the forefront of optical instrumentation technology and engineering!