Technical systems management


Our staff include expert instrument scientists, systems engineers and project managers who oversee our outstanding end-to-end services.

Our capabilities

Large and complex engineering projects require that multiple components progress in step and integrate seamlessly. To ensure outstanding end-to-end service and coordination that will deliver scientific outcomes, we approach projects from a holistic and interdisciplinary perspective. As such, our technical systems management capabilities include astronomy instrument science, systems engineering and project management. 

Our innovative technological developments are underpinned by our scientific curiosity at the cutting edge of astronomy. Our instrument scientist team are apt at identifying the key requirements and strong science cases for our projects. The close connection between the engineering and scientific staff ensures that the end scientific goals are at the forefront throughout the life of the project.

Our systems engineering approach ensures our systems are delivered within specifications. We utilise model-based system engineering practices as well as requirements analysis, verification, and validation.

We employ phased and incremental project management methodologies in our scientific, research, and technical projects. Our technical systems management capabilities also include risk analysis and mitigation management, financial and resource forecasting, monitoring and reporting, and product and quality assurance.

Relevant Projects

Data Central

National VO-compliant database and data portal


A purpose-built, optical survey telescope with a 1.35m mirror at SSO


Moderate resolution optical spectrograph for the AAT


Next Generation Natural Guide Star Wavefront Sensor for the Gemini GeMS system

ULTIMATE-Subaru Conceptual Design

Adaptive Optics Simulation, System Engineering, Laser Guide Star Facility design packages