Optical fibres and photonics technologies


Astralis is a world-leader in designing innovative optical fibre and photonics technology solutions.

Our capabilities

Optical fibre and photonics technologies enable the control and manipulation of light. In astronomy, these technologies have been used for purposes such as transporting light between the telescope and instrument, constructively or destructively combining light, and effectively suppressing undesirable sources of contamination.

Astralis engineers and scientists are at the cutting-edge of light control and manipulation using fibre optics and photonics technologies as applied to astronomy. Our capabilities include fibre systems, micro-optics, fibre positioning systems, astrophotonics and photonic interferometers.

Our expertise in optical fibres extends across characterisation, polishing, cabling, and connectorisation, for single-fibre to thousand-fibre bundles. We have the necessary skills and techniques for accurate bonding of micro-optics to fibre bundles with micron-scale precision. We have a proud history of being at the forefront of fibre positioning technological developments, including robotic “pick and place”, spines and starbugs technologies.

Our expertise extends to innovative astrophotonic developments such as photonic interferometry, photonic spectrographs and OH sky emission suppressing fibre Bragg gratings.

Relevant Projects

Sphinx for MSE

A fibre positioning system for the Manukea Spectroscopic Explorer telescope