Astronomy software


We are experts in developing and designing bespoke software solutions for astronomy and research teams.

Our capabilities

With custom-built instrumentation and large datasets, astronomy software solutions are bespoke.

Our software engineers have extensive experience in designing and developing optical and radio astronomy software and algorithms. Along with astronomical instrumentation and hardware control software, our software team specialises in middleware to provide a fast, distributed and stable platform for control applications and astronomical instrumentation user software.

We also design and develop data reduction algorithms and software and provide support for the astronomical community’s data reduction needs.

We provide large-scale scientific data management and services and have expertise in developing e-research platforms and data archives. Data central brings together an array of Australian optical datasets of national significance in one user-friendly, feature-rich and Virtual Observatory (VO) compliant data portal to maximise scientific productivity.

Relevant Projects

Data Central

National VO-compliant database and data portal

ESO Software Pipeline

Data reduction software for VLT instruments