Spectographs and Imagers


Astralis has considerable recognised experience in the design and construction of complex spectrographs and imagers for both Australian domestic and international telescopes.

Our capabilities

Telescopes collect the light, but it is the instruments: spectrographs and imagers, that convert and record the collected light into a format useful for science. Because world-class telescopes have unique designs and optics, instruments need to be custom made. Fit for purpose instrumentation is key to the scientific productivity and success of an observatory.

Astralis has a long history of developing, designing and building advanced instrumentation for astronomy. Areas of extensive expertise include: high-resolution imagers, wide-field imagers, multi-object spectrographs, high-resolution spectrographs, integral field spectrographs, field correctors, cryogenic systems, detectors and controllers, and instrument control hardware.

We handle any aspects of the end-to-end process of designing, manufacturing, assembling and testing new spectrographs and imagers. Our instrument scientists and astronomers ensure the best possible scientific outcome. Coordination with other capabilities is handled seamlessly across the consortium.

Relevant Projects


Blue-optimised large field integral field spectrograph for the VLT


Fibre fed high-resolution spectrograph for Gemini


Giant Magellan Telescope Integral-Field Spectrograph for GMT