Astralis Leads Phase-A Study for AO Bench for Gemini North

Astralis have recently finalised an agreement with the US consortium AURA to conduct a Phase A study for an adaptive optics bench for the Gemini North telescope in Hawaii. The Phase A study will be led by AAO-MQ (Astralis-AAO) representing the Astralis Instrumentation Consortium with Astralis partner ANU (Astralis-AITC), and with international partners ONERA – the French Aeropace Lab, Laboratoire d’Astrophysique de Marseille – France, and the French company ALPAO.

A number of international teams are competing in this 12-month Phase A study. At the conclusion of the study, AURA will select one team for the contract for final design and construction of the facility.

The adaptive optics bench is a significant component for the Gemini North Adaptive Optics project that will provide the Gemini North telescope with a state-of-the-art adaptive optics facility enabling the capability to obtain very high resolution near-infrared images over almost the entire sky. This facility will make possible a wide range of scientific studies. It will allow targeting of distant galaxies to study their formation and evolution, back to a time in the early universe when galaxies were first forming. It will also allow astronomers to gain insight into the physics of star formation within the Milky Way galaxy.

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