Astralis project ULTIMATE-Subaru selected as example of Partners in Excellence by Go8

The Group of 8 has showcased the ULTIMATE-Subaru project as a leading example of Australia-Japan collaboration, highlighting it during a recent high-level Australian government visit to Japan. This collaboration between the ANU Advanced Instrumentation Technology Centre (AITC), Astralis-AITC, and the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ) highlights Astralis’s commitment to fostering international partnerships in space science and technology.

Launched in 2017, the AU$50 million ULTIMATE-Subaru project is set to enhance the Subaru Telescope in Hawaii with state-of-the-art adaptive optics and instrumentation. These advancements aim to significantly improve the telescope’s performance across optical and infrared observations, utilising technologies like the Laser Guide Star Adaptive Optics (LGS AO) to correct atmospheric blurring.

Astralis are responsible for a number of work packages including Adaptive Optics Simulation, System Engineering, and Laser Guide Star Facility.

Professor Céline d’Orgeville, Director of Astralis-AITC said, “ULTIMATE-Subaru is not just a platform for technological innovation but also a vital link in fostering skilled development and international cooperation essential for future space situational awareness applications.”

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