The High Resolution Multi-Object Spectrograph (HRMOS) proposed for the VLT provides a combination of capabilities essential to carry out breakthrough science across a broad range of active research areas from Galactic and Local group archaeology to Stellar astrophysics and Exoplanet studies. HRMOS fills a gap in capabilities amongst the landscape of instrumentation planned for the next decade.

The key capability of HRMOS is high spectral resolution (R = 60,000 – 80,000), going to relatively blue optical wavelengths (from 380nm) combined with multi-object (~100) capabilities and stability, which are otherwise missing and unattainable with the currently planned large surveys. This combination of capabilities makes HRMOS a spectrograph that will push the boundaries of our knowledge and is envisioned as a workhorse instrument of the future.

The HRMOS project is a large collaboration both scientifically and technically between Europe (led by INAF/Arcetri) and Australia (led by Astralis).